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1 Pair Halloween Props Cosplay Gothic Vampire Zombie Masquerade Teeth

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1 Pair Halloween Props Cosplay Gothic Vampire Zombie Masquerade Teeth

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  • Hello! Friend, welcome to terror world!
    Halloween prop for you!
    Warm tip:The product does not contain dental glue!!!!!!
    There are may be a little loose and big for you ,
    you can go to the dental pharmacy to buy it ,
    just 1--2 drops can stick on your teeth.
    We really want to send you dental adhesive,
    but we are disappointed that the logistics is limited.we can't send the liquid product.
    We will send you teeth as picture shown!!!!!!
    Thanks for your understanding!
    -- Item:Vampire teeth
    -- Type:Party Supplies
    -- Occasion:Halloween
    -- Size:13/15/ 17 /19 mm
    Package Content : 13/15/ 17 /19mm teeth with a box
    Harmonic Ratio: 2-5 drops of liquid: the same volume of powder
    When the ratio of liquid and powder
    1: 1 - Viscosity: low viscosity - setting time: Long - Hardness: Low
    1: 1.5 - Viscosity: viscous - setting time: Medium - Hardness: Medium
    1: 2 - Viscosity: Strong tack - setting time: Short - Hardness: High

    Har monic:
    1. Using a metal spatula or plastic spatula or toothpick to reconcile on a glass plate
    (with a knife and the gel is a good choice for the packaging lid raised)
    2. When the recommended operating environment at room temperature 20 degrees up and down,
    high temperatures will accelerate the curing process of the product, shorter working hours,
    as the product is used in a relatively warm place, it is recommended to use the cooler glass
    3. Recommended powder-liquid ratio of 1: 1 or 1: 1.5 to reconcile the time control in 30 seconds,
    blended for a thin paste with a plastic knife to provoke reconcile good tune gutta-percha into the teeth of the socket which,
    filled ( Do not overflow) and then stick to the teeth
    4. stick when the braces on the teeth hold it there, do not lick the tongue part especially sticky teeth,
    and two minutes later it
    5. Now a good stick with cotton balls after the removal of excess material
    Storage conditions: Store in a dry place below 25 degrees
    Zombie unloading braces Note:
    Direct connection grasped dentures and own teeth,pull down, gently shake can. Do not be too hard, so that'll ruin dentures.
    After cleaning up Remove:
    glue after use will be solidified into a solid,
    if there is residual glue on your teeth, brush our teeth and then pull the pull on it,
    stuffed with plastic teeth remaining, but also can not afford to pull the brush not down
    , do not ignore himself had not long lost, do not panic glue left on the teeth
    , there will be no harm. Dentures is the same, oh,
    if left in the gel on the teeth is difficult to remove
    , it can only pull the pull more, it is entirely possible to pull down, or to ignore him, over one or two days off
    1, Avoid contact with eyes, once contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water.
    2, Keep out of the reach of children.
    3. Do not eat and sleep there with fantasy, in order to avoid the pharynx to the stomach
We fully attach importance to the protection of intellectual property rights. If the product infringe on your trademark, patent and other legal rights, Please feedback to us. We will remove the item based on the information you provided.
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